Bonds of Fincraft Group LLP transferred from "bonds" category of alternative market to "bonds" category of KASE official list's main market
The Listing Commission of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) on October 11, 2021 made a decision to transfer the following bonds of Fincraft Group LLP (Almaty) from the "bonds" category of the alternative market to the "bonds" category of KASE official list's main market: - KZ2D00005949 (NCOMb1; KZT1,000, KZT260.0 bn; 28.06.19 – 28.06.29; semi-annual coupon, 12.00 % APR; 30/360); - KZ2P00006190 (NCOMb2; KZT1,000, KZT100.0 bn; 29.08.19 – 21.04.23; semi-annual coupon, 13.00 % APR; 30/360). This decision of the Listing Commission comes into effect on October 12, 2021. In KASE's conclusion dated October 5, 2021, it was noted that according to the results of the inspection of Fincraft Group LLP and its specified bonds, their compliance with the criteria and requirements established by KASE's internal document "Listing Rules" for inclusion and quotation of the said bonds in the "bonds" category of KASE official list's main market was confirmed. Source – official website of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange https://kase.kz/